Store Manager, Full & Part Time Sales Assistants Required

New Store is now recruiting!

  • Store Manager x1
  • Full Time Sales Assistant x2
  • Part Time Sales Assistant x3

Start Date- From 29th March

An exciting new menswear store is opening its first retail unit at The Maltings St Albans. Launching with brands such as TM Lewin, Farah and Original Penguin we are hoping to be a hot spot for locals who like to dress to impress.

Retail Store Manager Job Purpose:

Managing employees at a physical store location. Increasing sales by communicating with clients and account holders. Maximising the efficiency of the store’s operation.

Retail Store Manager Job Duties:

  • Helping customers with difficulties
  • Fulfilling sales obligations
  • Reporting on the profit of the retail store and whether it is reaching financial goals
  • Scheduling employees to cover all hours of operation without scheduling overtime unless it is completely necessary
  • Communicating with customers, staff, the company, senior employees, employees at other stores, etc. in person, over the phone, and by email
  • Ordering stock and making sure items are on the shelves and displayed attractively
  • Conducting inventory and investigating possible causes for discrepancies
  • Participating in the hiring process for new employees including interviewing, recommending the best candidates, suggesting starting pay rates, and training new employees
  • Resolving conflicts between staff members as well as between staff and customers
  • Complying with regulations on store operations
  • Monitoring staff behaviour, attitude, and presentation to make sure they are a positive reflection of the retail store’s values
  • Sharing product knowledge with customers and with store’s team members
  • Delegating tasks to staff such as cleaning, stocking, customer support, or working the cash register
  • Calling existing customers and large account holders to encourage continuing sales
  • Inspiring the team to do their best by being a role model and an authoritative example of their possible future with the company

Retail Store Manager Skills and Qualifications:

Management, Leadership, Sales, Positive Attitude, Delegating, Scheduling, Interviewing, Hiring, Training, Risk Assessment, Quality Control, Finance, Product Knowledge, Customer Service, Regulations, Reporting, Inventory, Communication

If you would like to apply for any of the available jobs please email your CV to