New Body Treatments at ellisix, Sanrizz Beauty

Experience first hand the effective results and advanced beauty technologies from an Ellisix Specialist who, with no obligations, will advise you on the best options for your personal needs and arrange bespoke individual packages.

We are now offering a wide range of body treatments including

Fisiosphere Endomologie

  • Fantastic for breaking down fatty deposits
  • Smoothing cellulite
  • Tightening slack skin



  • Firming and toning and lifting
  • One 20 min session is alternative to 360 repetitions of sit ups on each muscle


Meso, shape and Tone Perfection

  • Improves the surface of the skin using Dibi power which created temporary channels to deliver the product into the lower layers of the skin leaving Silky smooth results
  • IPL Hair Removal and Facial System
  • Our IPL has just been upgraded in software to ensure our clients have the safest results driven treatments on the market


Lash Lift

  • We have added Lash Lift to enhance your natural lashes lasting up to 8 weeks