Hotel Chocolat’s Summer Collection Now In

Our Summer Collection is also now available – perfect for barbeques, garden parties and even summer weddings. It features our Chocs-To-Chill Hbox, Mini Champagne Truffles, Creamed Caramel Puddles, the Raspberry and Caramel Lick, the new Secret Raspberry selector and the Cherry Jubilee selector. Priced at £35.

Summer Collection


The best thing about giving this as a summer gift or taking along to any great British barbecue? It would be rude not to share…

Tangy Raspberry, indulgent Fudge Sundae, zippy Grapefruit G&T and then some: our summer selection features refreshing fruit, elegant cocktails and blissful desserts. Delicious at room temperature, our chocolatiers developed these recipes to be even better chilled: after 30 minutes in the fridge they’re an instant shot of refreshment. Priced at £22.50