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The Watch Lab The Maltings Centre

Located in The Maltings Centre, in the heart of St Albans, The Watch Lab St Albans offers a free assessment service on all watches with no obligation estimate for all watch repairs. To assess a watch properly, it needs to be handled, tested, discussed and its history established in order for our highly-skilled experts to restore your watch to a high quality standard.

We make sure each stage of this process is thoroughly overseen and carried out by our Watch Lab Technicians, informing you what the cost will be and how long the work should take. From this process, Our Watch Lab Technicians are then able to confidently advise on the needs of the watch, how much the repairs could cost, and how long the work should take.

Watch repair services at The Watch Lab St Albans

The Watch Lab has been carrying out high-quality watch repairs in St Albans for years. Our experts are fully qualified to work on a wide range of watch brands and types, including Tag Heuer, Seiko and Michael Kors. Whether you need watch repairs, a simple watch battery replacement or a thorough watch restoration, our friendly technicians offer quick, convenient and affordable watch repairs in the area.
Believe it or not, most common repairs can be completed within an hour. Which means the next time you need a rapid but reliable watch repair, our professional Lab technicians at The Watch Lab St Albans can take care of everything. Leaving you time to enjoy your visit to The Maltings Shopping Centre, safe in the knowledge that your timepiece will be back on your wrist and in perfect working order by the time you are ready to head home.

Watch Battery Replacement St Albans

For a watch battery replacement in St Albans, look no further than The Watch Lab The Maltings Centre. Our Lab technicians don’t just replace your battery, they go the extra mile to ensure your watch is returned in perfect working order. That means using state-of-the-art technology to reseal and pressure test your watch for the ultimate peace of mind. You won’t find an easier or more affordable watch battery replacement in the area. So what are you waiting for? Find out why so many people trust The Watch Lab to carry out their watch repairs in St Albans.

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